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Fruity chilli sauces that won’t blow your head off…

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Where to buy or taste Hodgey’s fruity chilli sauces

Events & markets coming up

Eat Street – Bradwell Abbey
16th June – 11am – 4pm

Wixams Summer Fayre
29th June

Cranfield Market
6th July

Northampton Balloon Festival Artisan Tent
17th & 18th August


Deacons Butchers, Ampthill

The Artisan Collective Farm Shop, Midsummer Place, Milton Keynes

Fidelity Design & Print – Telford Way, Bedford MK42 0PQ

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Hodgeys Chilli Sauce Habanero wings White Horse Southill

Taste at The White Horse, Southill

The White Horse in Southill, Bedfordshire are using Hodgey’s Habanero with pineapple & mango sauce for the Chicken Wings starter on their new summer menu. Drop in for a bite to eat any time, they are open and serving food all week. They also have a beautiful pub garden to enjoy eating al-fresco throughout the summer.


Hodgey at his school fair at Samuel Whitbread Academy

My story

I cooked up my first fruity chilli sauce, Habanero with pineapple & mango, named it ‘Hephaestus’ after the Greek God of Volcanos, and sold it at my school’s summer fair. The feedback I got was amazing! I don’t know what people expected my chilli sauce to taste like, it is made by a teenager, but they said it was ‘Wow!’, and ‘quite nice, actually!’. I sold all of my first batch, but we found the demand for my product too high to cope with. As neither me, or my parents, have time to make lots of sauce, I looked to local company Sauce Shed (Dave & Olly) and they helped me to refine my chilli sauce recipe and take it into production. They also helped me to create two more chilli sauces to compliment my original; Jalapeno with Pear & Lime and Naga with Chocolate & Chipotle.

I also relied on Mum & Dad’s business, Fidelity Design & Print, to help me draw up my logo design so it could be used on labels and the website – that they helped me create.

I have successfully sold my fruity chilli sauces online and at local food and Christmas fairs. I’m hoping to create new complimentary sauces and get them all stocked in local food and farm outlets in my local area.

My current sauces are great with Mexican food; Naga makes a great chilli-con-carne, Habanero works well smothered on chicken or as a side dip, both Habanero and Jalapeno make quick tomato and avocado salsas to accompany nachos or fajitas.

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